Your cooking explained
step by step for everyone
to see and cook


¿Chef or Foodie?

Cookbooth is a fun and practical way to save your recipes while you are preparing them.
To share them with your friends, colleagues and family.

A new way to communicate through your recipes, to document your creations
so everybody can enjoy them. With all the details and explanations.

Ready to be shared on facebook, twitter or email.


"The best way to save your recipes is to share them"

"Your team can look up the recipes any time"

“Cookbooth is the best tool to keep my recipes and shares my passion for cooking”

"I meet people who want to know what we are doing"

"Find out how I do my chocolate without cream"

"An addictive platform to find, share and create beautiful recipes"


"Sharing a photorecipe is sharing an experience"

"I wanted to make a blog but then I discovered Cookbooth"

“We fell in love with it when we came across it”